The fact you’re here means that you’re probably in the exact same place I was last nine years ago: confused, exhausted, and uncertain of what you’re truly meant to be doing in your career . . .

And if you’re anything like I was nine years ago, you’re unsure about HOW you’re supposed to get there.

Today, I am a career coach having my dream job traveling around the world and empowering people in their 20s and 30s to discover their authentic careers, land more job offers and live a life with fulfilment.

To rewind back to last nine years ago, I attended a university that I had no interest in. After four years of study and graduation, a job was ready to take on granted by the university.

That time I knew that it was not my dream job but I was lucky enough to know my purpose to serve people. So I decided to find my dream job and did my first interview with little knowledge of job hunting. Little did I know, I got a job that put me on the path of where I am today.

Over the years, I've learned the interview techniques and I've never failed to get a job. After four years in my career, I have polished my job search and salary negotiation techniques and found my dream job increasing my salary dramatically.

I started talking to friends about my job hunt, but we always inevitably ended up talking about their careers. Everyone, it seemed, was experiencing a crisis of their own, yet they wanted to know how I’d managed to increases my income, land so many interviews, and become so efficient at networking.

Pretty soon, my friends were asking if they could bring their friends along to our coffee dates, we would map out how they were going to ask for a raise, pursue a promotion, or make a lateral jump to a new industry.

Today, I've worked with and trained hundreds of people teaching them how to find their dream careers that they love and pay well. 

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Laura Cho is a career coach and leadership trainer working with millennials to find their life purpose and successful job that they love. Laura is known for her ability to help people assess their challenges, determine where they are stuck and offer tangible solutions to get them back on track. She absolutely loves working 1:1 with clients to guide them into their own dream job with step by step approach.

During her (8) years time in Corporate Human Resources working for multinational companies like Schindler, DKSH and AA Corporation, she has interviewed thousands of candidates and help hundreds of people build their authentic career. She made her own career pivot utilizing her mentoring, leadership & professional development expeirence into career coaching. She is an international certified trainer having trained over thousands of hour for leadership trainings last three years alone.