Five Signs for Career Change

Obviously, many people around us are happy and successful in their career life after choosing the right career that they love. But there are also people who simply chose a career just to get a job but without considering what they really enjoy doing and what they are passionate about. At some point, those people will start losing their interest and motivation at work and eventually become unhappy. How can they know that it is time for them to make career change?

Here are five signs that you may have when you’re not enjoying your current career.

1) Every day is meaningless to you

If a person who does not enjoy his/her career life, every day is hard for a person to get out of bed, go to work and keep focus at work. If you’re experiencing this, you’ll also find that you’re being exhausted every day you come back from work. Your job is nothing meaningful than your earnings from it.

2) You feel like Sundays pass too quickly and are always longing for Friday

A majority of people think Sundays pass too quickly and are not ready for Mondays. If you always have to encourage yourself to go to work every Monday mornings and are always longing for Fridays, then it’s time for you to reconsider your career choice.

3) You are thinking about a different career

Whenever you feel frustrated doing your job or whenever you begin to feel meaningless about your career, you’ll probably be thinking about changing your career. For example, your current job is dealing with accounting but eventually, you become tired of working with numbers and figures and instead, you start convincing yourself to change your career to management field or something else.

4) It becomes impossible for career growth and success

You think it’s boring to go to work every day. You feel disappointed about your career life. Undeniably, it’s time for you to reconsider your career choice or otherwise, there is no chance for you to achieve career growth and success because you’re losing your ability to put your best effort at work.

5) You cannot differentiate purpose and passion

Last but not least, another sign telling you why you need to review your career is when you start feeling unsure of your future. This especially happens if the career you’ve chosen has nothing to do with your hobby, passion and strengths. You’ll feel like you have lost your purpose and passion because you never knew exactly before why you chose that career path.

If you’re having any of these five signs, you better consider your passion and strengths and once you clearly define them, you’ll be able to find a career that you enjoy. Of course, making a change isn’t easy for most of us and often makes us feel worried. But if you don’t do it, the repercussion of sticking to a career that you don’t like can negatively affect you mentally and physically. Moreover, your long-term career development and success may be uncertain. So, don’t hesitate to evaluate yourself and if necessary, consult with mentors or coaches who can guide you and support you in making your career change.

Laura Cho

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