How to reduce Work Stress?

Work Stress means feeling worry and frustrated at work, losing confidence etc. When you are under work stress, you will feel demotivated, exhausted, stomach pain, lose focus and have sleepless nights.

Work stress is felt among most of today workforce. At workplace, everything is not under control but you can prevent feeling work stress by doing below.

  • Find the root causes of worry

If you are always under work stress, find out the root casues of worry. Keep an eye on the situation when you feel stress and how you respond to it. Observe carefully on your state of mind, thought, body language and the consequences during under stress. Most of the time, the root causes of worry may be out of your control or you are worrying for something that may not happen in real situation. 85% of our worry never happen according to the reserach at Cornell University.

  • Do Exercises

If you think you are under stress, the best way to reduce is doing some kind of exercise. Going Gym is not the only solution and you can simply do yoga at home, running or walking. 

  • Have work-life balance

 Having work-life balance is important to prevent burn out. So fix at least two hours after work as private time when you can take a rest, spend time with family, do the things which make you interested such as reading, watching movie or surfing internet etc.

  • Build a good working relationship

 We all have to spend more than one-third of 24 hours at work. Therefore, it is important to build good working relationship with your colleagues and you can reduce stress by having happy working environment.

  • Have sound sleep

 One of the root causes of feeling stress is not having sound sleep which make you feel frustrated or dull then it can lead to work stress. Therefore, having sound sleep can reduce work stress.

Laura Cho

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