(5) Resume Tips to help Land Your Dream Job

The first step of job application is sending your resume to the company that you would like to apply. The companies receive piles of applications whenever they advertise for one position. What an applicant needs to do is preparing a stand-out resume to catch the interviewer's eyes. Every job applicant want to be invited for job interview.  They can use the following (5) resume tips to help land their dream job.

(1) Do Your Research

Most of the applicants prepare a standard resume and send out to all the job no matter what the job description is. It can easily be seen by the interviewer that you are not putting effort to prepare customized resume. What you need to do is read carefully the job description of applied job and find out what the company is looking for. Then prepare a customized resume including your qualifications and experiences that can match with the applied job.

(2) Be Selective

When writing about your experiences, avoid copying everything from your past job description. Mention your past experiences that can match with applied job description. If you are a fresh graduate with no experience, use your volunteer or college experiences to reflect the skills that you can use in applied job.

(3) Include Your Achievement 

Most applicants emphasize on the tasks of their previous experiences. The best way to stand out from other resumes is including your achievement. For example, instead of writing "managed business development team", write "led a team of five people and brought ten new projects within a year".

(4) Choose Action Verbs

Using the right words to show your capability is very important to draw the interviewer's attention. Instead of using "was, did", use action verbs like "designed, created" so as to show your capability.

(5) Use Pdf format

Most of the applicants send their resume in Microsoft Word, Zip file, JPG etc. Sometimes, the file format can change when it is opened in another computer or it is unreadable if the format is not available in the computer. The recommended file format to send your resume is Pdf so that any file format remains the same.

Laura Cho

Laura Cho