Soft Skills that Employers are looking for in the Employees

In this today workplace, employers are taking into consideration of both hard skills (technical skill) and soft skills such as communication, teamwork etc. when in recruitment or promotion. Hard skill differs according to the job nature but soft skill are similarly the same in every job in general. Hard skill could be learned from the formal education, training and on-job training and soft skill could be improved through learning and practices. There are trainings which emphasize on teaching soft skills where you can join and learn or on the other hand, you have to practice those.

The employers and recruiters are testing the soft skills by asking a set of questions or with practical exercises. There are different types of soft skill based on the nature of job. Among those, here are six top soft skills that the employers are looking for.


(1) Communication Skill

Communication skill means writing emails to communicate with others, being able to deal with many people at work, communicate well to get the desired result while working in a team and presenting your idea well to others.


(2) Teamwork & Collaboration Skill

Teamwork & Collaboration skill means working with others. You can’t do alone at work so you need to collaborate not only with people in your department but also with other departments so that you can accomplish your task. When collaborating with others, negotiation, presenting your idea to others to be accepted, achieving the result by collaborating with others are included.


(3) Problem-solving Skill

Problem-solving skill means getting the problems solved. Problem includes daily job-related small issue to how an employee handle the problem. In everyday working life, there will always be a problem and most employees rarely think about the solution and leave the problem to their supervisor to be solved. Even though the employee could not give the perfect solution presenting about their idea, their problem-solving skill will be improved and will get noticed by their supervisor.


(4) Positive Attitude

Positive attitude means seeing the situation in a positive way and thinking and doing the best possible way. The employees who have positive attitude and is willingly to help others get recognized by their colleagues and their supervisor.


(5) Time Management Skill

Time management skill means managing and accomplishing the job well during office hours or before deadline and spending time well. It is very important skill in this busy world to manage multitasks.


(6) Flexibility

In this today modern world, change is a permanent thing and it is happening all the time. So with the changing situations, the employees need to be adaptable or flexible to change. Change is a must thing to do to get success in an organization so the employees also have to keep up with the pace.


If the employees have above-mentioned soft skills, they will be able to perform and grab the opportunity when it comes.


Laura Cho


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